Conference in Greenville, SC


A conference for soft-handed internet folk where everyone has a voice.


You may have a few questions.




Grok 2017 will be held on October 6 & 7th in Greenville, SC (but you already knew that second part).




Downtown Greenville at the ONE building in Clemson University's space. 


What’s it gonna cost me?

It’ll be $150 for you early birds. What will it cost after Early Bird pricing is over? Roll the dice and see, muchacho.


What’s it like?

We plan to hold true to our past 10s and 20s setup. But we’ll be changing things up a little too (we can’t help it). It’ll be good though.


Who is this “we”?

Throughout the years the team steering the ship has changed here and there. For #grok17 we’re getting the band back together. The community of Atlas Local will be making this event as extension of our own community. We love it here, and we love you all. We’ve found the best moments of Grok are made with love.



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